Sunday, September 09, 2007

The first week at GSB and beyond

After a long Labor Day weekend, Core began at GSB on September 4th at the Rockfeller Chapel with Dean Snyder's address. His address highlighted the expectations GSB has from its students, and the expectations we can have from GSB. The crux of that was an understanding that although we can expect GSB to provide top notch career support, the onus of where we land after two years is on us. Needless to say, my shoulders felt heavy with responsibility. Asst Dean Stacey Cole followed with a slightly light hearted speech, and then came the introductions from a few other officials, mostly the Directors of the LEAD program.

They briefed us on what lay ahead as far as LEAD was concerned. We also were given a few instructions on how to prepare for our trip to Lake Lawn Resort in Wisconsin. That was all for that day, I think (am a little fuzzy with so many things going around me).

LOE began with we packing our bags and the bus drivers packing us in the Coach USA buses. Once that was done, we headed to a land of "Nice to meet you" people. See, the point of LOE is get to know as many people as you can, in a non classroom setting. There are opportunities to bond during sessions like Breaking Boundaries where you work in teams to play games. Or just chill out with a glass of beer during one of the many social events in the evening. If you are of the meeting-type, you are bound to bump into many many people, some of them you will remember, some you wont. But each time - you say "Nice to meet you", with a smile on your face. After a while, I felt tired, as many others from my class did. We also entered a phase called the Name-Overload-Phase, where we were getting confused with names, or just couldnt remember them. In true MBA style, we had pushed ourselves a little too much. All said and done, there is a very good flip side to this, you really meet some people who will end up working or hanging out with in the next 2 years. Maybe they will give you a big break sometime in your career (as the Dean said). I think that is the greatest take away.

LOE finished on Friday last week, and we were back late in the afternoon. Most of us just hit the bed to compensate for the loss of sleep generated by excessive partying during those two nights in Wisconsin. Saturday was a White Sox Vs Minnesota Twins baseball game which GSB had given free tickets for, so many of us went there. I have trying to remember what we did Sunday, but I have no clue. And it's just Tuesday today. This is probably what MBA is all about.

The current buzz in school is about courses. GSB has what I think an overly complicated bidding process where you bid for a schedule to enroll in the classes you want. The process should get simpler from next year, so that is great news for the incoming class. I have more of less decided which 4 courses I will bid for, but there is still a long way to go. I still need figure out the professors, the timings I want to take my class, the points I will bid for each schedule I make, and worry about what the others in my class are doing.

That apart, Ian Davis, Managing Director of The Firm will be there to give us some lecture and have lunch this afternoon, so that's the bright part. Free food is a luxury and a need these days, and to share that time with Ian Davis is an added bonus.

That's all I have for now. More later (hopefully, if I dont get overwhelmed).

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