Monday, June 30, 2008

this part of my life is called...Internship

so i started work last tuesday in this company that people rave about, and rightfully so. so i think, at least as of today. although finding this job was by no means easy, transitioning back into the job life hasnt been too hard. all credit for that goes to people i am working with right now, and i realize that it is probably one of the most important aspects of most great companies.

without disclosing the name of the company, it is hard to talk much, lest i give away the name to smart readers;) but i do have some interesting observations on how the company functions.

like for example, consensual decision making. seemingly people dont like to give or take orders. bosses dont order you, and you dont expect to be ordered. two things happen as a result - you are expected to be more independent and proactive, and decision making is potentially long drawn. surprisingly, and thankfully, it seems it isnt long drawn - probably because people are of the smart category. that might speak something good about me, or if you believe the old saying "there are exceptions everywhere" - you would wonder how the smart guys made a hiring mistake. you can take your pick.

people listen. doesnt matter who they are, what rank they hold. if you have something interesting and smart to say, they will listen. often times you will find them engaged, and they will also engage back in conversation. not very many companies can support that culture. you guessed it right - i love it.

access and transparency. there's tonnes of both. of course as interns we arent allowed to snoop in their bedrooms, but the living room is open 24/7. it is true for people as well. they will tell you their stories, they will give you information they think can be valuable, and they will be open to questions. mind you, this can both be enriching and challenging. but it sure isnt bad in any way - at least i cant think of any.

i hope to keep writing about this internship thingie in the coming days. and if you were confused, i am not stating an opinion about the company, yet. i realise that 5 days is a short period to judge anything - so i wont do that. but my hunch is - this experience should turn out to be valuable one, and lots of fun.

ps: i didnt even dare mention the old slogan of "i dont know when i wrote last, and i promise to write more". i have realised that i break that promise without breaking a sweat.

pps: credit for blog post title goes to Mark Yardas (I think?)


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La Coguette said...

Its been interesting reading your blog. I'm a year behind you - just getting ready to start B-school (and start a blog). I hope to continue it diligently but based on all MBA blogs I've seen so far, bloggers quickly drop off the face of the earth during first-year and resume posting come summertime :-)

Hope your internship went well.

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MaybeMBA said...

No more posts? :) Hope you are doing well.

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