Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hello Reader-

This blog is practically dead for now, unless I resume it at a future point of time. But I still do answer questions (time permitting) so please feel free to email.



Elo said...

Hey guys!!! Could You please help us? We've made a video with my best friend to win a competition. It's about to make a movie-remake in 1 minute...Of course I've choosen Forrst Gump the best movie ever!!!!!(= Anyway, the thing is that we need Your votes and likes to win! So could You just please,please watch our video, and if You like it just plese click on the LIKE button near the video!/Its written in hungarian: Tetszik means I like it/! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
So here is the page where You can vote:

/Run Forrest,Run!!/

Tejesh Mehta said...

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