Monday, June 25, 2007

Network, Excel, and Be Kind

A platter of links for you :


The focus of this article is to tell interns to network, and end up with full time offers. This is one thing I need to be better with, because I keep hearing the word networking from all bschool students, irrespective of the bschool. The article is well written for beginners like me, and has some good links to other articles. Go have a look.


No, I wasnt referring to the verb Excel. Just to this good set of links to learn Excel. I havent gone through them all, but they do seem to be intended to give a good overview, but again for beginners I guess.

Be Kind

Some photos which really make you think, shakes your core, and makes you ask a question - can we all be kinder ?

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Inblue said...

I like this templte. Its neat!I'll am planning to keep blogging on my personal blog more often now. Lets see how it all works.