Monday, July 02, 2007

simply because, these days, i have nothing much to do than wait for emails, and read emails (ok, i browse through some useless websites as well). sitting there in my office, i have resticted access to the internet. no gmail. no yahoomail. no meebo. feels likes no-nothing. thankfully, gmail has the forward-your-email option. now all my emails come to my office id. i.e. all spams, all forwards, all reminders from gsb to complete this and that.

which means, quite some bit of work, when you consider that i am also sitting here in my office, trying to sort out stuff with my managers so that i can run away asap. i did part of that here-and-there-tasks last week, when i signed what i thought was a million times to ensure that the part of the cash the company owes me is delivered. more stuff like that still remains to be dealt with. i am prepared, at least mentally.

that apart, days have been great fun. i have had the opportunity to talk to many of my old friends in this city which was once home. i met up with some cool bloggers as well, it was good to associate faces to mnemonics. dinner parties have been going on, and there are more in the offing. all in all - a worthwhile few days. i will report back with what happens next. till then - sayonara!

[ps : i am getting a feeling that my posts are getting completely random. excuse me for that. hopefully things will be better when i hit the gsb]

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