Monday, September 17, 2007

The Aftermath of Madness

My fellow blogger GanjaTurtle had done well to describe the madness of the crowds when it came to bidding for courses. As everyone of us had thought, the bidding process was indeed over hyped, and most of us overbid just to get our courses. In the end though, mathematics played its part and we lost a lot of points just trying to outbid each other. Infact, there have been cases where people went out and bid all they have, but still not get the one star professor they wanted. Such is the way free markets operate.

My guess is that people who got courses but spent a lot of points would get wiser in the next quarter, and sanity would come back to town. Till then, our fellow brethren who were denied even one course because they didnt play well with the options the system had, will have to slog it out in our Drop-Add-Swap (DAS) round and find courses they need.

Thankfully, I got all the courses I had bid for. Due to some stroke of good luck, I didnt end up paying as much as the courses were priced, which helped me save some points that will carryover to the next quarter. When classes start on the 20th, I will be studying : Financial Accounting , Microeconomics, Applied Regression (although I dont remember anything about Basic Stats which is a pre-requisite to this course) and Marketing Strategy. I will try and elaborate a little on what this subjects aim to achieve in my next post (but that info will primarily be drawn out of the curriculum guide I think).

The LEAD program is going well, and we head out today to enact a case involving a mobile phone company. The programs so far has taught us something and entertained at the same time. I am confident that this combo will live the life of the LEAD program. It is also admirable to see that our LEAD facilitators (a group of 40 second years) are extremely well prepared to handle the training and the challenges that come along with that. It seems that they went through 400 hours of training just to get to train us.

This morning, we have a Career Service session coming up, so I gotta run now and get ready. Till next time - Sayonara !!


Inblue said...

wow. its so nice reading up all your people getting busy in chi. Amazing..keep posting.

angie said...

hey forrest, nice to hear from you! i have actually changed my mind and will stay in london after all. but i plan to visit NY and Chicago some time in spring!

Enjoy your first year!