Sunday, September 23, 2007

TNDC, Student Clubs

A quick wrap-up of the week thus far.

Industry immersion was sure a highlight of the week for many of us. It essentially is composed to multiple presentations (or panels) running parallely to give us students a real-life and deeper insight into various different careers and industries. It also gives us an opportunity to mingle with alumni from the school who are working in those industries, and want to share all they know. Presentations generally involve one person sharing a broad overview of the industry, and then explaining the few important details to help you give the necessary direction to dig deeper. Panels had more than one person sharing their thoughts on various questions asked by our career advisors and the student body. Most of the sessions exceeded the expectations of the crowd, but some surely could do with some improvement.

Thursday night brought the first TNDC(loosely translates to Thursday night drinking club), a Thursday night drinking event where the drinks are made cheaper for GSB people, and a large number of both first years and second years turn up. Since this was the first TNDC, first years were surely excited and turned up in big numbers, but there were a large second year population as well. Most of the second years were coming back from a successful internship (by which I mean they already had full time offers), so they sure were in the mood to catch up with old friends and party till the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday was also the first day of class for many of us. I had my first taste of Microeconomics, and considering that GSB and UChicago are the powerhouse of Econ, I was surely not disappointed by our professor. His teaching style is very friendly, and over that, he is just super cool. Very very few hassles with the way he operates.

Thursday led on to Friday, as it usually does, and we got the to meet officials from the various student clubs for the first time(officially). Stalls were set-up in the winter garden (which I think was designed to be big enough to accommodate almost all kinds of events), and we talked to whichever groups we were interested in. Of course there were good snacks outside in the summer garden and a side table were people tried their skills at beer pong. Add to that the special European beer (courtesy the European Club) and samosa and syrupy jalebi (courtesy the SABG group), and you know we all had a treat.

Saturday was shopping day, and Sunday is for us to go back to school, since we have the various student clubs giving presentations all day today. It's optional, and we can choose which ones to go to. Box lunches are provided, so if you are in the vicinity, sneak in.


Achilles said...

hi forrest,

I dont know if you remember me, but was a fellow blogger when you were going through your apps, so i was regular on yours, iday's, juggler's and inblue's blog and am applying for the fall 2008 session.
Though, i ws late in giving the GMAT this year, but i am running for complete some of my apps for R1. I have a few doubts, if you dont mind..can i mail you? i know you will be really short of time.


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