Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Managing Busy-Ness

The last few days have left me with a feeling of left behind. I haven't been able to manage time well enough! Classes started Thursday the 20th, and ever since then life just got a little busier than it originally was. And more so since I opted to take four courses this quarter instead of 3 (which is what a larger percentage of the class takes). Time has been so short that I am having a difficulty keeping up with friends, I see them here and there, but we are not getting the time to talk at leisure. People are getting busy, and we are being told that the curve is just going to go further north. Business school I guess is about busy-ness.

I have had one class each for each course I am taking, and I find the professors pretty good. My Microecon professor is a really smart young chap and a completely no-hassle guy. Regression Analysis is being taught by an Italian, who proclaims to be a fundamentally nice person. Marketing Strategy and Financial Accounting are subjects I think I will have to work the most on, since the professors clearly mentioned that that is what they expect. In other words, lots of pre-reading, pre homework and group work. This weekend is going busy with me trying to catch up, and hopefully I will.


Wannabe said...

Hi forrest

I've been following your blog for quite a while and have to admit that it's probably one of the first blogs that I thought about when I decided to apply to Chicago GSB. I know you've got tons of posts on applying and the process, but I was wondering whether I could pick your brains a little bit more since you're now a student at Chicago GSB ;)

Would love it if you could email hopeful.wannabe (at) if you have the time to discuss matters with me.



Sudha said...

hi there! the last posts more than a month ago and i totally understand!